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Software Development

We are in the database development business since 2003. We developed many database solutions for our local and international clients. Few of our best software products are listed below: BIO-METRIC ATTENDANCE & USER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM POINT OF SALE – with

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Websites Designing

We develop professional websites keeping in mind that websites are great business opportunities for our prestigious clients. Our IT professionals are expert in latest web technologies, SEO and SEM. Our website solutions are always optimized for all search engines so

Biometric Attendance & User Management system

Matrix Bio-Metric Attendance & User Management System provides Real time attendance records at company server from various machines installed at different locations. This software also manages machine users from a central location. HR dept. can register a user at a machine

QR Codes Generator

A QR code is a two-dimensional matrix code. QR stands for “Quick Response”. It is a 2D scanner and mobile phone readable bar code that can store website URL’s, plain text, phone numbers, email addresses and any other alphanumeric data combination. The

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Urdu Editor

Matrix Urdu Text Editor | اردو عربی یا فارسی جو چاہو لکھو اردو میں ٹائپ کرنا اب بہت آسان۔ میٹرکس اردو ایڈیٹر میں اردو، عربی یا فارسی۔۔۔ جو چاہیں لکھی اور سلیکٹ کرنے کے بعد کنٹرول سی کا بٹن پریس کریں