Since 2003, Matrix Infotech Solutions is empowering businesses by utilizing technologies. We help our customers identify their weak and strong areas by using database management systems. We trouble shoot your technology challenges and provide best solutions for your environment. More than 170 clients from different businesses prove excellence in our services and customer satisfaction.

MIS will consult with clients on an daily basis and will prepare a project based on an initial consultation to determine project scope needed to achieve the desired outcome. All preliminary consultations are free and we welcome the opportunity to listen to your needs and assist you in finding a practical solutions.


Our Policy:

Providing the best value software services. Continually improve the quality of products and services. Propagating the benefits of IT usage in business. Developing software solutions with extended possibilities. Making IT benefits available to everyone. Never ending obsession for excellence in every activity. Sharing Goodness of Information technologies with our prestigious clients.


The basic precept on which we function is the concept of providing excellent IT services. Globalization and free trade is opening new horizon for the business world. Now sky is the only limit. We believe that IT services can make huge difference in the business activities. IT is the only source to keep your business compatible for this fast growing market and competition.


We are committed to quality, judged by customer as product performance and reliability. We do not sell ready-made software; we rather provide solutions according to the requirements of each individual customer. We are committed to achieve the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

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