Mis Biometric System

Matrix Bio-Metric Attendance & User Management System provides Real time attendance records at company server from various machines installed at different locations.

This software also manages machine users from a central location. HR dept. can register a user at a machine and then transfer user data along with finger/face templates to other machines.

Matrix Bio-metric attendance & user management system is designed for the clients who were facing following issues with their bio-metric attendance system.

– Data Consolidation Issues
– Taking Backups and Restoration Hassles
– No real time Attendance Data
– Carrying Attendance Data from remote sites to central location
– Registration of employees on all attendance terminals one-by-one
– Deploying more staff /Duties for attendance monitoring processes

Real Time attendance Display from anywhere
Real Time attendance Display from anywhere any Biometric Machine in the Network

What’s AttendanceWare?

– AttendanceWare is a state-of-the-art Software Application that can manage:
– Central Employees’ registration for all Locations
– Multi-Site Attendance
– Multi-Shift Attendance
– Sync all attendance data on Server
Real-time Synchronization option
– Elimination of carrying data on USBs from one location to another
– Auto Data Synchronization with NO HUMAN INTERACTION AT ALL
– Web-ready
– Check your Data ANY WHERE, ANY TIME.

Settings parameters
Parameter Settings Screen

Why Use Attendanceware?

– Attendanceware provides you the following:
Real-time Attendance Data Synchronization from all unlimited terminals
– Centrally Management of Employees’ Registration for all Terminals
– Single Click to sync all Employees data across all installed terminals
– Supported in LAN /WAN /MAN and Internet Environment
– Display of Employee Check-In /Check-Out with employee Picture & No.
– Secure User Management System to operate the Attendanceware
– Role Based System
– Audit-Log Trail
– View Attendance Reports
– And much more…

Key Software Features

– Very Simple Installation Process
– Include as many Attendance Machines as you can
– Include as many users as you want.
– Unlimited Employees (Depends on Machine Capacity)
– Supports Biometric, Facial and RFID interfaces
– Deploy on LAN, WAN, MAN and even on internet
– Consolidated Attendance Record.
– Real-time attendance Synchronization
– Easy to user interfaces for novice and expert

Sync Employee records to any Machine
Sync Employee records to any Biometric Machine