Online – Enterprise Resource Planning System

Why you should use our online ERP system?


1. Instant access to key business data from anywhere

Updated preview of business data is very important. No matter where you are, you can now at any time check if an invoice is issued, where it is paid, which payment may be expected this week, what is the current result of the company.

I a similar way, you can share information with other professionals or co-workers in the company – simply sending a link to the report. No matter where they are and what device they use (Windows, Linux, iMac, iPad, Android). Important data is always handy that will help to take the right divisions.

2. Increased security of data processing

Software providers in the internet normally invest more in safety and high reliability of systems than the companies do for which information technology is not the main activity. Online service providers employ high class specialists who create security too expense for a single company. The chances of virus infection, crash of program are much less with these specialized companies.

3. SaaS: Lower costs, and especially the lack of initial investment

Competitive battle is increasingly difficult. You have to watch every penny issued. IT costs are rising. Software available in the model of SaaS can reverse this trend. You no longer have to buy highly costly servers. There is no need to invest in expensive security or software systems to perform daily backups. You do not need to hire specialists.

You need only a computing device connected to the internet. Their damage or theft will not cause data loss.

Staff training can be carried our remotely. The Installation of the new version does not have to wait for days or weeks.

Money spent so far on I.T. can be better spent by investing in the main activity of the company.

4. Flexibility

Customers expect faster decision and cooperation via the internet. They want to have access to their invoices, they want to receive documents in electronic form. You already know that for your company’s electronic archive is the right solution.

Access to data is becoming more important than ever. Get ready for it.


Why hire costly professionals if you can use the program for only Rs. 3500/- per month.

Internet banking, in the last 10 years, was the main driving force behind the spread of collateral and built confidence in the online software systems. Now is the time for accounting over the internet. Its your chance to get blessings of IT and grow beyond boundaries.

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