Flour Mills Management System

Flour Mills Management System from Muhammad Saleem Khan Awan on Vimeo.

A comprehensive flour mills management system. It provides you latest picture of your flour mill. All stocks raw and finished goods are available at anytime. production and sales after production are related in a way that stocks are always up to date. You can view and print reports of various types using drop down facility.

Following are some of main features available in the software system.

1.   Secure password driven access to software system
2.   Govt. & Private wheat purchase record
3.   Party payable details
4.   Party ledgers in detail
5.   Bags record with types and classes
6.   Stock movement from one godawn to another or factory
7.   Grinding Details & production records
8.   Credit and Cash Sales Record
9.   Purchase & Sales of Bags
10. Cash Payment & Cash Receipt Entries ( Cash Book )
11. Wheat and Products stock report
12. Income & Expense Analysis
13. Party wise ledger details
14. Historical Stock Situation
15. Many more reports and facilities for top Management