Inventory Control System (Production Management) is a comprehensive inventory control software system for manufacturing units. Contact us for more details.

Matrix RecEasy v3 is an Inventory control system software with or without bar code facility. Ideal for  Distribution setups, Wholesalers and Retailers.

Following are the main features of this software product.
1. Fast and Easy to complete sales at sale counters.
2. Stock quantities and stock values are available to you at any time.
3. All type of Ledgers updated with automated system. Make single entry and get all relevant ledgers updated automatically.
4. Periodical (from date to date) details of any account / Ledger at any time
5. Cash Book Details with periodic option
6. Daily Cash Sales and Cash collection details
7. Customer wise Sale Details
8. Purchase details date wise and supplier wise
9. Trading profit on each sales entry (date wise Customer wise details of profit)
10. Profit Analysis: Total Trading, Total Expenses, Total Receivable, Total Payable and Present Stock values are presented in this screen to calculate the Net Profit / Loss
11. Total Payable
12. Total Receivables
13. Unlimited Inventory Item add / Edit List
14. Unlimited Customer / Supplier add / Edit List
15. Multiple Stock Maintenance
16. Stock Movement (Location to Location item movement)
17. Stock Audit Report (from date to date: opening, purchase, sale & stock position)
18. Location wise Stock Report
19. Total Stock Report
20. Company / Supplier wise Credit and Stock value
21. Group wise Sale Report
22. Location wise Sale Report
23. Location wise Expense Status Report
24. Sales Return Report date to date
25. Retail and Wholesale Rate Change option
26. System Security Lock
27. Password Protection
28. Backup System
29. Automatic Low Stock Alert
30. Much more according to your business requirements
31. Business Planner to plan Income-Expenses and profits for next year
32. Analyzer to keep an eye on planned figures
33. 5 year Analyzer to see 5 years progress
34. Top profitable items
35. Top running items
36. Slow items
37. 5 years growth Analyzer
38. Scheme planner to keep track of schemes offered by company