Pint Of Sale – Inventory Control Software


Easyware is a Point of Sale retail software with bar code facility. It is a complete POS Inventory control system ideal for Retailers. Easyware software system has different variations for departmental stores, wholesalers and distribution setups.

As its name suggest, you can easily handle your business transactions using Easyware point of sale software system. Barcode printing facility make it possible to print barcode  stickers and paste on the products which do not contain bar codes on it.

All related accounts like purchase, sales and cash book and party ledgers are updated automatically when you complete are transaction in the software system. There are mainly 3 main transactions in the software system.

  1. Purchases
  2. Sales
  3. Cash Receiving and Cash Payments

On completing these three transaction you will get many data reports which will allow you to analyze your business timely and make informed decisions to promote your business.

Transactions & Reports

1. Fast and Easy to complete sales at sale counters.
2. Stock quantities and stock values are available to you at any time.
3. All type of Ledgers updated with automated system.
4. Periodical (from date to date) details of any account / Ledger at any time
5. Cash Book Details with periodic option
6. Daily Cash Sales and Cash collection details
7. Customer wise Sale Details
8. Purchase details date wise and supplier wise
9. Trading profit on each sales entry
10. Profit Analysis
11. Total Payable
12. Total Receivables
13. Add unlimited Inventory Items
14. Add unlimited Customers / Suppliers
15. Multiple Stock Maintenance
16. Stock Movement
17. Total Stock Report
18. Group wise Sale Report
19. Sales Return Report date to date
20. System Security Lock
21. Password Protection
22. Backup System
23. Automatic Low Stock Alert
24. Much more according to your business requirements
25. and much more…

Above mentioned features will help you manage your accounts easily.


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